Aims And Scope

  • We believe that the success of education is supported by a quality learning process and good institutional management. Therefore, BEMI aims to facilitate academics and practitioners both nationally and internationally to publish their original and significant contributions to educational management, and Innovation, in the broadest sense. BEMI is fundamentally concerned with issues of:

    • Education Leadership and Management: theoretical and empirical research studies on Educational Leadership, Educational Policy and Planning, Educational Economics, Educational Politics, Human Resources in Education, Teacher Development, Leadership and management practice, educational organizational behavior, Educational organizational culture, and curriculum management. We invite manuscripts that investigate educational leadership and management at the primary, secondary and tertiary education levels.
    • Learning and Teaching Innovation: theoretical and empirical research studies on the Development of learning content for higher cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, technological skills, digital literacy and competency, employability, etc. Learning methods and pedagogical development such as opportunity to learn, team teaching, co-teaching, self-paced learning, active learning, e-learning, blended learning, open source learning models, etc. Research on effective learning environments through discussion of applications of design thinking; managing diversity; learning space improvement; physical, verbal, and cyber bullying; etc.